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Be Luminous

We are based in Avon, Colorado, but designer, Gemma, is originally from Cape Town, South Africa. Many of her design inspirations stem from her love of all things African, as well as her passion for the nature and Rocky Mountains of her new home in Colorado.

Our passion is to bring a piece of the earth to jewelry in a way that remains as true as possible to the stone, and allow metals to feel either as raw or as smooth as possible. The pieces should invoke the feeling of strong raw beauty, oozing with that sexy and feminine twist that every girl feels.

We grew up in South Africa, falling asleep to ethereal African sunsets, breathing in salty fresh ocean air, being a part of a melting pot of beautiful cultures, with enriching African colors, smells, tastes, sounds and feelings, all of which have ignited a fiery passion within us to express ourselves as boldly and truthfully as possible. We strive to bring that to you in our favorite creative form of expression, jewelry.

The rings are designed to be stacked with other rings, so you can have fun creating different ways to wear them, a different look every day. Express yourself!

Our precious and semi-precious stones hand cut by artisans in India using traditional practices that have been handed down from generation to generation. 

We hope you are able to find something in our ranges, that allows you to express yourself with as much truth as we have found.

Be a light, be luminous!