We donate a portion of all our sales to animal shelters and RESCUE

How We Give Back

South Africa

Our designer, Gemma, was born in South Africa, so her heart is deeply rooted there. Whatever goodness Gemma can give back to her original home, she will strive to do her utmost. Her first efforts in this endeavour, is a partnership with dear friend, Nthabiseng. She is an amazing South African artist living in Pretoria, South Africa. She creates beautiful handmade jewelry from South African fabrics and beads. Gemma partnered with Nthabiseng to create our Nthabi Collection. Through this Collection, Nthabiseng is able to hire other female artists in her community, creating more jobs and opportunities. 30% of sales from this collection go to Nthabiseng and her team. We hope to only grow these opportunities, as we ourselves grow.

With each purchase from our gorgeous Nthabi Collection, you are helping to support this amazing community of female artists in South Africa. 



We PROUDLY donate a % of all our sales to the ASPCA